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Since, our entire range is produced by following rules set by global quality regulation standards it is of supreme grade. We keep a stern quality check on the various stages of designing and manufacturing or be it sourcing of raw material as well. We make certain that the materials used are of high quality and standard.


Features :

  • Precision made
  • Simple installation
  • Lab quality tested
  • A cement feeding rubber hose, also known as a cement discharge hose or cement delivery hose, is a specialized hose used for the transfer of cement or concrete in construction and industrial applications. It is designed to withstand the abrasive nature of cement and concrete mixtures while providing a flexible and reliable conduit for their transportation.
  • Cement feeding rubber hoses are typically constructed with a durable inner lining made of synthetic rubber or natural rubber compounds. This lining is designed to resist the abrasion and degradation caused by the movement of cement and concrete materials. It is reinforced with multiple layers of high-strength synthetic fibers or steel wire braids to provide structural integrity and resistance to bursting under pressure.
  • The outer cover of the hose is often made of a synthetic rubber compound that provides protection against external factors such as weathering, UV radiation, and physical damage. It may also have a fabric impression or wrapping for added reinforcement and protection.
  • Key features and characteristics of cement feeding rubber hoses include:
  • 1. Abrasion resistance: The inner lining of the hose is specifically formulated to withstand the abrasive action of cement and concrete mixtures, reducing wear and extending the hose's service life.
  • 2. Flexibility: Cement feeding hoses are designed to be flexible and maneuverable, allowing for easy handling and movement during the cement delivery process.
  • 3. Pressure resistance: The hose is constructed to withstand the working pressures involved in cement and concrete pumping, ensuring safe and reliable operation.
  • 4. Compatibility: Cement feeding hoses are engineered to be compatible with cement and concrete mixtures, ensuring that the hose material does not react or degrade when in contact with these materials.
  • 5. Size and fittings: Cement feeding hoses are available in various diameters and lengths to suit different applications. They can be fitted with standard couplings or connections for easy attachment to pumping equipment or other components of the cement delivery system.
  • It is essential to follow the manufacturer's guidelines and recommendations for the proper selection, installation, use, and maintenance of cement feeding rubber hoses. Regular inspections and preventive maintenance are necessary to identify signs of wear or damage and to ensure the hose's integrity and performance.
  • Consulting with a reputable supplier or manufacturer of cement feeding rubber hoses is advisable to ensure the appropriate selection and usage of the hose for specific cement or concrete delivery requirements.


Type Spiral
Color Black
Nominal Size >3 inch
unit Length 6m

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Payment Terms T/T
Packaging Details Packing In Coil with HDPE Cover

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